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What is Cornea ?

Cornea is a clear transplant avascular outermost coat of eye. It plays a key role in eye vision. About 2/3 (two thirds) of eye focussing power is provided by cornea. Any disease that affects its transparency, vascularity or curvature causes problem in vision.

Types of Corneal Disorders


It means scratch in the cornea due to trauma and is very painful and can lead to eye infection which is further described below.


Infectious keratitis can be bacterial, fungal, viral or parasitic. It leads to severe pain and can cause blindness.


In this disease ,cornea becomes thin and bulges outward. This in turn causes astigmatism and drop in vision. The most common type is KERATOCONUS. It is mostly bilateral progressive disorder. In early stages. It is generally symptomatic and needs to be ruled out before any corneal refractive surgery. In later stages keratoconus can lead to corneal scarring & severe drop of vision.


This occurs mostly due to ageing, environmental toxins, some systemic disease etc.It is associated with corneal thining, vasularisation etc and is characterized by loss of transparency of cornea with subsequent loss of functional activity leading to progressive loss of vision. However, the most common type of corneal degeneration is ARCUS SENILIS which is symptomatic & does not cause any vision loss as it is in periphery.


These are group of rare, genetic disease. Characterized by bilateral abnormal deposition of substances leading to recurrent corneal erosion which causes severe pain and decrease in vision.


Any of the condition mentioned above can cause corneal opacity which can be superficial or deep & can cause decrease of vision.

Symptoms of Corneal Disorders

Cornea is one of the most important part of the eye. Due to the presence of any form of corneal disease, you may experience a wide range of symptoms like

Treatment Options

Corneal blindness is one of the most common causes of blindness throughout the world. Early management in cases of progressive keratoconus helps to stop its progression and provides better refractive stability. Many corneal diseases, if diagnosed and treated on time, can prevent permanent blindness in eyes.


Concentrated antibiotics eye drops can be given in cases of infectious keratitis ( ulcer) . Culture sensivity should be done before starting the eye drops.


It is a surgical treatment for progressive corneal ectasia such as Keratoconus & post lasik ectasia. It is done in an attempt to make cornea stronger & helps to stop the progression of keratoconus.


It is done for corneal ectasia such as Keratoconus. It is found to be useful in reducing corneal steepening & decreasing irregular astigmatism thus potentially improving the visual acuity.


It is also known as keratoplasty where a damaged or diseased cornea is replaced by donated tissue. Ophthalmologist will recommend best possible treatment for you depending upon the clinical evaluation. At The Sight Avenue, we provide cost effective cornea transplant surgery in Delhi with high success rate. It is of two types:-


It is of two type:-

(a) DALK (Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty):- In this only the front & middle layer of cornea are replaced. eg in advanced Keratoconus.

(b) DSAEK (Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty) In this only the inner layer of cornea is replaced eg in bullous Keratopathy.


In this full thickness cornea is in deep corneal opacity. Corneal transplant cost in Delhi is economical and cost effective at The Sight Avenue.


Conditions like Keratoconus require lifetime care. Our patients are encouraged for regular eye check ups. The Sight Avenue has a team of cornea specialists in Delhi who have helped thousands of patients with high success rate.

Cornea Treatment in Delhi

Cornea Treatment is a very critical treatment that requires special expertise. At The Sight Avenue, we offer a wide range of treatment options for cornea related conditions. Corneal Conditions are first diagnosed through routine eye check up by measuring the curve length. Our sophisticated diagnostic set up and experienced surgeons help us evaluate the condition through comprehensive mapping of the cornea. To know more about Cornea treatment in Delhi, speak to our specialist today.Dr Suraj Munjal, one of the best cornea specialist in India offers corneal treatment options in Delhi with latest technology and USA FDA approved procedures to get you the best results.

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