The Sight Avenue, by the Founder of Spectra Eye

The Sight Avenue


Being a budding developing country India is equipped with advanced & state of art technologies to provide quality services under the guidance of qualified doctors at a competent price.

New Delhi is a fairly safe & well connected city. It is advised to be a little cautious which is applicable to any city you visit for the first tie.

You can get in touch with the hospital through email or whatsapp . You can also contact on the telephone numbers provided on the website.

No assistance from any facilitator or agent is required. You can directly get in touch with hospital.

You can share your medical reports through email or whatsapp details are available on the website.

In case you do not have any medical reports, you can contact the hospital stating your condition. They inturn will guide if any specific report is required to understand your medical condition.

We can help you in bookings safe and affordable hotels near the hospital. You have to just share your travel plans.

Yes we can arrange for a medical check up for your attendant as well.

It is preferred to obtain a medical visa for treatment.

We work from 9:00 -7:00 pm.

You have to submit your visa application form along with the invitation letter from hospital to process your medical visa. We can help you with the invitation letter through email.

You can pay either by cash /card or bank transfer.

You can plan that as per the estimate given by the doctor for your tentative plan.

Yes we can definitely help you with airport transfer.

Yes we do have cashless facility available.

You can visit us from 9:00 – 7:00pm.

You can get two visitors along.

Consultation charges are 800 including OPD registrations.

In day care surgery, you are discharged from the hospital within 4-5 hours. There is no need to staying overnight in the hospital. A follow up visit to the hospital is required the next day.