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India's Best Eye Hospital in Delhi NCR, The Sight Avenue

The Sight Avenue is one of the best eye hospitals in Delhi, NCR & known for its excellence in the service of vision care. Under the supervision of Dr. Suraj Munjal, we have a team of qualified ophthalmologists equipped with modern technologies. Our responsive staff and quality service have helped us to be considered as the best eye hospital in North India. We understand the value of your vision problems and we make sure that every patient gets the best treatment from our eye specialists.

Super-Speciality Eye Care Services

Combining the best specialists and equipment to provide you nothing short of the best in healthcare

Dry Eye

Get freedom from Dry Eyes in 12 minutes. The Sight Avenue Hospital offers FDA approved treatment that can free you from this problem.

AGV (Ahmed Glaucoma Valve)/ AADI

Glaucoma is snatching your vision? AGV treatment can give your eyes a second chance. Come to us even if the previous surgeries have failed to yield results.


Get Say goodbye to your glasses with SMILE, the most advanced Spectacles removal technology Safer than Lasik. Come to The Sight Avenue to enjoy spectacle free happiness.

Femto Cataract

Don’t let cataract ruin your vision. Avail Femto Cataract robotic surgery with premium IOL at The Sight Avenue to get accurate results.

We Are Available at


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I am extremely satisfied with the entire treatment provided. The doctor is very patient, listens and resolves your queries and doubts very patiently and is always readily available on WhatsApp/phone.

Letter of Appreciation by Commander Chander S. Gauri, Directorate of Net Centric Ops (NCO)

Even during these unprecedented times, we are a call away!


Experienced super-specialist doctors, smart diagnostic tools, and advanced ophthalmologic surgical setup have helped The Sight Avenue to become the best eye hospital in North India. The Sight Avenue considers the needs and the well-being of the patients as our first priority. Along with world-class quality services, all our treatments are light on the pocket, with easy & cashless payment options.

The Sight Avenue offers various services, including, – Phaco and Robotic Techniques for Cataract Treatment, Painless and blade-free Robotic LASIK, SMILE Surgery for Specs removal (FDA Approved), Use of cutting edge technologies for retinal treatment, Advanced Keratoconus treatment, LATEST dry eye treatment(Lipiflow), World Class technologies for glaucoma services, Successful Squint Correction in Children & much more.

Enjoy CASHLESS TREATMENT benefits with smooth payment transactions! Get treated from the best eye specialists of the country with years of fine expertise.

You can call us this number and schedule an appointment according to your preferred dates. Certain precautionary measures might be required to follow before your first visit and will be communicated when you schedule the appointment.

On the day of the appointment, arrangements with the concerned doctor will be made for your visit. The doctor will carry out an in-depth analysis of your eye condition to understand your concerns & symptoms. Based on the results, further procedures will be carried out. Our specialists can help you with clearing out all your doubts.(Include diagnostic setup)

In case of surgery, you will be instructed on certain measures after the analysis. Proper hygiene and care will be maintained throughout the process.

We ensure that our patients receive immediate help. When you contact us for consultation, we make sure to ask for the dates you are comfortable with and schedule your appointment likewise. 

Generally, the consultation dates can be appointed anywhere between 1-3 days from the call. Depending on the severity of the condition, we also offer  urgent appointments & online consultations.

Driving with a dangerous eye condition can be harmful. After your appointment, the doctor will instruct you about certain measures to be followed till your next visit. In case, any procedure has been implemented during the consultation; avoid driving back on your own.

We generally recommend having someone accompany you for the appointment and let them drive you back. Many times, the doctor might apply certain eye medication or recommend certain immediate use of certain optical lenses, which will make it difficult for you to have a clear vision. Make sure to follow the instructions. This will ensure that you do not face any unfortunate incidents.

Depending on your eye concern, the appointment timing can vary. First consultations might take a little less time. It can take hardly 20-25 mins for an in-depth analysis of your eyes followed by consultation & advice.

If you are here for any surgical/ non-surgical procedure; it may take upto 45-50 mins with an hour of follow-up stay.

Your safety and comfort are our top priority. Ask all the doubts to our experts during the appointment so that you are clear with the condition of your eye health.

The Sight Avenue has national as well as international centers. You can find us at-

  • In India – The Sight Avenue (E-82-A, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi, India – 110048), Shyama Eye Care (Patparganj, New Delhi) Fortis Hospital (Escorts Okhla, New Delhi) & Fortis Hospital (Vasant Kunj, New Delhi)

International- Mauritius (Floreal & Ebene) and Congo (Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo)

Yes, We do! Patients who have medical coverage under the PSUs and other private insurance TPAs, enjoy some added advantages in The Sight Avenue. The benefits are offered to the policyholder and the dependents only. Retired individuals can also avail themselves of the benefits depending on their insurance policy scheme.

The individual policyholders can also avail themselves of the cashless and other benefits at The Sight Avenue. The level of benefits depends on the type of insurance policy and the tie-up with the hospital.

Patients covered under the corporate health care policies can also enjoy a wide range of benefits that The Sight Avenue offers. You can check out the list of Empanelments here.

The Sight Avenue is focused on providing world-class treatment services facilities with smooth payment transactions. We accept cash, debit/credit cards, online transfer as well as demand drafts. 

To schedule an appointment,CALL NOW. Our desk professional will listen to all your concerns and book your first consultation appointment with the concerned doctor. You can also reach out to us on our mail-

The Sight Avenue operates on every weekday including Saturday. The timings are-

Mon- Sat: 9 AM- 7 PM

Sundays are OFF.

Restoring Vision Worldwide Redefining Patient Care

The Sight Avenue is one of the best eye hospital in Delhi. We have the most experienced & best eye specialists in Delhi/ NCR, India who are well acclaimed in their super specilities The Sight Avenue is one of the most trusted eye hospital in Delhi/NCR which boost most of the advanced latest technologies in term of diagnosis and treatment.

Our doctors are capable of treating various eye conditions like simple eye infection, corneal infection, conjunctival infection, corneal ulcer, conjuctivities,corneal opacity, keratoconus, corneal dystrophy, uveitis(anterior/posterior), cataract-immature cataract, mature cataract, hypermature cataract, intumescent cataract, vitreous haemorrhage, vitreous degeneration, vitreous floaters, diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, retinal detachment, squint, presbyopia, myopia, pathological myopia, hypermetropia, eye trauma, eye injury, pterygium, xanthelasma, sagging of eye lids, eye lid bags, ptosis, retinoblastoma, chronic decrocystitis etc. The Sight Avenue offers World class treatment at affordable price.

Our specialists are expert in Cataract Surgery-MICS standard cataract surgery, Femto laser assisted cataract surgery also know as FLACS/Robotic/FEMTO cataract surgery, Cataract Surgery with monofocal lens, Cataract Surgery with multifocal lens, Cataract Surgery with trifocal lens, premimum IOLs, Congenital cataract surgery, Lasik surgery for reoved of spectales, Robotic lasik/Femtolasik/I-lasik/Bladefree lasik, SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction) for specs removal, ICL Surgery, Vitreo Retinal Surgery(MIVS- 23 G/ 25 G/ 27 G), Sutureless Retina Surgery, Pterygium excision with autograft, Squint Surgery, Keratoplasty/ Corneal Transplant(PKP/ DALK/DSAEK/Keratoprosthesis- artificial cornea), Femto assissted INTAX rings for keratoconus, C3R/CXL/ Cross linking for keratoconus, Intravitreal Anti VEGF injections, Retinal Lasers(Barrage lasers), Fornix formation with patch grafts in severe dry eyes/ Sjogren Syndrome, Tattooing in cornea, Custom made 3D prosthesis/ artifical eye etc.


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