Tips to Choose the Right Clinic for SMILE Surgery

What makes eye surgery successful? Two factors that are responsible for making a surgery a successful one are: the type of laser eye surgery opted by the individual, and choosing the right clinic and surgeon for the job.

Developments in the Field Of Laser Eye Surgery

The development made in the field of laser eye surgery is pretty amazing. They have become less invasive. One such advancement in the field of vision correction surgery is SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction).

It’s a relatively new technique that makes use of cutting-edge technology for correcting Myopia. It’s a great alternative to LASIK Eye Surgery. Why? Well, LASIK might have helped in improving the vision of some people; however, with a SMILE, even more, people can opt for vision correction and improvement.

Before you opt for the surgery, you should go to the best clinic for SMILE surgery. Let’s check how to find a good clinic:

Clinic’s Years of Service

Let’s assume you got the referral of the clinic from a colleague, that’s fine. However, you should check the years of service. Try to ask a few questions or gather some information about the clinic. You should check:

  • How many years has the clinic been providing laser eye surgery like SMILE?
  • Does the clinic make use of the latest technologies while performing the surgery?
  • Does the clinic work with experienced surgeons for carrying out SMILE?

Once you are satisfied with the answers, you can keep the clinic as a suitable option for your SMILE surgery.

Doctor’s Experience

Don’t forget that the doctor is also responsible for providing you with a good eye surgery experience. Check what the doctors at the clinic have to say about SMILE treatment. A good clinic will always employ an experienced doctor for the job.

Clinic’s Reputation

Don’t you go through the reviews before availing any service? The same should be followed while choosing a clinic for SMILE surgery. Once you go through the reviews of past customers, you will know if the clinic is good enough for the job. A clinic with a good reputation will have good reviews in their favor.


Visit the clinic beforehand to check its cleanliness. If the clinic is not clean enough, simply avoid it for the surgery.

Technologically Adept

A good clinic will have state-of-the-art technologies to meet the needs of customers.

Treatment Costs

Even when one is going for laser eye surgery, the cost can’t be avoided. A good clinic won’t hide the cost of SMILE surgery from patients. Rather, they should clearly explain all preoperative and post-operative costs of the surgery. In case, the clinic offers you a cheap rate, try to avoid it. Cheap is not good.

Post Treatment Care

A good clinic will offer it’s patient a detailed analysis of post-treatment care. It would ensure optimal recovery for the patient.

So, there you go. Hopefully, these pointers will help you to choose the right clinic for SMILE surgery. Book a consultation with a good clinic and correct your vision

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