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What is glaucoma ?

Glaucoma is an eye disease in which eye pressure raises which causes damage to the nerve sited in the back of the eye (optic nerve) and leads to loss of eyesight. At first, side (peripheral) vision is lost. If glaucoma is not treated, vision loss might continue, leading to complete blindness over time. At The Sight Avenue, we aim to give our patients optimal care and treatment options for Glaucoma in Delhi.

Types of glaucoma


Open-angle glaucoma (OAG) is the worlds second largest cause of blindness. In open-angle glaucoma, the optic nerve is gradually impaired, generally causing gradual loss of vision. Both eyes can be affected simultaneously, although one might be affected more than the other. At times, much of your eyesight can be affected before you observe a change.


In closed-angle glaucoma(CAG), the colored portion of the eye i.e. iris and the lens block the movement of fluid between the chambers of the eye, triggering pressure to build up and the iris to push on the drainage system (trabecular meshwork) of the eye. It might cause unexpected hazy vision with pain and redness, typically in one eye first; symptoms might also include nausea and vomiting. A related type, acute closed-angle glaucoma, is often an emergency scenario and needs instantaneous medical care to prevent perpetual impairment to the eye.


Congenital glaucoma is a rare type of glaucoma that is present in some babies at birth. Glaucoma that develops during the first few months of life is called infantile glaucoma. Babies with congenital or infantile glaucoma generally have cloudy eyes that are sensitive to light and have unwarranted tearing. Symptoms might not develop until 6 months to 1 year after birth. If the issue is not identified early and treated, the child might have severe vision loss and might go blind.

Glaucoma signs and symptoms?

Most people don’t have any. The first sign is often a loss of peripheral, or side, vision. That can go unnoticed until late in the disease. That’s why glaucoma is often called the “sneak thief of vision.” Detecting glaucoma early is one reason you should have a complete exam with an eye specialist every 1 to 2 years. Occasionally, pressure inside the eye can rise to severe levels.

Glaucoma treatment options in Delhi

As damage to nerve caused by increased intraocular pressure cannot be reversed, the aim of the treatment is to prevent or reduce further damage to the optic nerve. The main aim is to lower the eye pressure. Initially, doctor prescibes you eye drops and/ or oral medication to decrease the eye pressure. If glaucoma is not controlled with the help of medicines or if the side effects of the medicines are not well tolerated or the patient is non-compliant or cannot afford the cost of the medicines, the next option is Laser treatment and /or surgery. At The Sight Avenue, we have best glaucoma doctors in Delhi/ NCR.


Your doctor will prescribe you certain medication (Eye drops and tablets) so as to lower your eye pressure. You must use the medicines regularly as directed by your ophthalmologist. You should not stop medicines even if you do not have symptoms. A regular follow up, as advised by your doctor, is mandatory. At The Sight Avenue,we are a team of experienced glaucoma specialists in Delhi. Get connected us for start your treatment

YAG Laser Peripheral Iridotomy

A small opening is made in the iris so that the stagnant fluid finds a way to the anterior chamber, the front portion of the eye, and subsequently drained off. This is an OPD procedure, done under local anesthetic drops and takes only a few minutes to be completed. After the laser, you can wash your eye with water and can lead a normal life.

Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty

When applied at the drainage area, the laser causes small burns, which contract to open up the block. It is the most common treatment for open angle glaucoma.

Diode Laser Cycloablation

In this the laser is applied on the area, which produces fluid in the eye. It can be used if the IOP is too high and is intractable. Your treating doctor will decide which laser is suitable for you.

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)

This is a new type of laser, which does not cause any thermal burn in the eye and may be called “COLD LASER”. It stimulates the autoimmune system of the eye to clear the block in the drainagearea without damaging the surrounding delicate tissues. SLT is a painless OPD procedure, which takes a few minutes to be completed. One can resume normal activities immediately after the laser. If necessary it can be safely repeated without damaging the eye.


At The Sight Avenue, we offer two types of operative procedures for treatment of glaucoma- Glaucoma Filtering Microsurgery or “By-pass” and Tube Shunt Drainage Devices ( VALVE) for glaucoma. Operative Procedures is the only option left for patients in whom the eye pressure is not controlled with medication or laser. It is also the treatment of choice in non-compliant patients, and in infants and children with glaucoma. Get in touch with us for safe and effective glaucoma surgery in Delhi and to know about glaucoma surgery cost in Delhi.


Filtering microsurgery or By-Pass surgery involves creating a drainage hole with the use of a small surgical tool, to bypass the blockage in the eye’s trabecular meshwork (the eye’s drainage system). This opening helps increase the flow of fluid out of the eye and thereby reduce the eye pressure.


This is a flexible glaucoma drainage device that is implanted in eye to divert the fluid inside the eye from inside of the eye to an external reservoir thereby decreasing the eye pressure. AGV ( Ahmad Glaucoma Valve ) and AADI ( Aurolab Aqueous Drainage Implant ) are the popular ones.


Early detection and treatment will usually prevent further damage by glaucoma. Much can be done to help you use your remaining vision as fully as possible. Although damage already done cannot be repaired, with early diagnosis and careful regular observation and treatment, damage can usually be kept to a minimum, and good vision can be enjoyed indefinitely. Apart from offering medical management and laser treatment for glaucoma, The Sight Avenue is best hospital for glaucoma Treatments in Delhi, India.



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Glaucoma Treatment in Delhi

Glaucoma is one of the most common eye condition among older people. It is recommended that patients over the age of 50 should get their eye checked regularly. Now glaucoma treatment cost in Delhi is quite affordable at The Sight Avenue. To start your glaucoma treatment in Delhi, get in touch with us today.

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