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What is retina ?

Retina is a layer of tissue in the back of your eye. It senses light & sends images to the brain. The most vital part in retinal tissue is macula. Retinal disorders mainly affect this tissue & in turn deteriorate your vision.

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Types of retinal problems


It is discontinuity of retina. It occurs due to pull over retina created by shrinkage of vitreous gel in the posterior part of eye. Main causes are aging, pathological (very high) myopia, trauma, diabetic retinopathy etc. Usually the patient presents with floaters & flashes. The Sight Avenue is a trusted and reputed retina care center in Delhi. Contact us to start your treatment.


It is defined by the presence of fluid under the retina. It usually occurs when fluid passes through a retinal tear, causing retina to lift away from the underlying layer. The main symptoms are loss/blurring of vision, curtain like shadow over visual field & loss of field of vision. Retinal detachment surgery cost in Delhi is quite affordable now and available easily at The Sight Avenue.


If you have diabetes, the tiny blood vessels in the back of your eye can deteriorate & leak fluid into & under the retina. In early stage it may remain asymptomatic. Later, it causes retina to swell which may blur or distort your vision. It can, in advance stages, cause retinal detachment. You can also develop abnormal blood vessels that break & bleed. The main symptom is floaters in early stages followed by sudden loss of vision.


It is a delicate tissue like membrane lying on top of the retina. This membrane pulls up on retina which distorts your vision. It can be due to aging, inflammatory disorder, retinal tear etc.


It is a small defect in the centre of retina (macula). It may develop from abnormal traction between retina & vitreous. Main causes are idiopathic (unknown), aging, long standing macular edema, injury to eye etc. Usually, you present with gradual loss of vision.


In this disease, centre of your retina begins to deteriorate which causes blurred central vision or blind spot in centre of visual field. Main cause is increasing age.


It is a genetic progressive degenerative disease that initially affects the peripheral retina followed by central vision. Night blindness is the main complaint. It may be associated with other systemic disorders in both children and adults.


This potentially blinding disease is exclusively seen in premature babies with low birth weights. Screening within 30 days of birth in the best modality to avoid blindness.


This condition causes swelling & inflammation in the middle layer of the eye called Uvea. The cause is often unknown. It is sometimes associated with auto immune disorders or viral/bacterial infection. Common symptoms are-floaters, loss of vision, severe redness in eye, pain & light sensitivity. In advanced stages- Retinal detachment or epiretinal membrane can be found.

Symptoms of retinal disorders?


Retinal disorders are associated with vision loss and quality of vision. Depending on the type of the disorder, symptoms can be gradual or sudden. Ageing is one of the most common causes. Consider regular eye check up for timely diagnosis.

Retina treatment options

At The Sight Avenue eye hospital, you will be subjected to a variety of diagnostic tests to confirm your diagnosis. After a comprehensive retinal checkup, our retina specialist will individualise your treatment plan and explain you the prognosis.


Used in diabetic retinopathy, ROP -retinopathy of prematurity, retinal vein occlusion, retinal breaks/holes, lattice, certain tumors. At present, Nd yag(Green) laser is used for above mentioned conditions. It causes retinal burn which causes retinal breaks & regressions of new vessels.Get in touch with us to book an appointment with our best retina specialist in India.


It is a surgical procedure to treat eye problems involving retina, macula & vitreous like retinal detachment, macular hole, epiretinal membrane , vitreous haemorrhage & diabetic retinopathy complications. Upto 50 % of the patients requiring VR surgery present as emergency or urgent cases. At The Sight Avenue, we have best retina doctor in delhi. We offer vitroretinal surgery (MIVS- 23 G / 25 G / 27 G) and sutureless retina surgery. Cost of retina surgery in Delhi is lowest at The Sight Avenue.


Standard of care is laser treatment. In some cases intra-vitreal can be given. In advanced stages, Complex vitro-retinal surgery is required.


Uveitis is a challenging disease to treat. Although most causes inflammatory but injections also play a major role. Clinical tests are done in search of potential cause. Eye drops in combination with systemic (oral or IV) anti inflammatory , anti infective medicine are mostly prescribed. Intra vitreal or peri ocular injections are sometimes given to augment treatment.


In this procedure, medicine is delivered directly into the back of the eye near retina which enables highly targeted drug therapy maximizing therapeutic delivery. Anti VGEF injections are used in cases of diabetes retinopathy, uveitis, ROP- (retinopathy of prematurity), CME (cystoid macular edema), CNVM (choroidal neovascular membranes) ,Endophthalmitis etc,. Steroids e.g, Tricort are also used in above mentioned conditions depending upon clinical evaluation. Antibiotics are used in intra ocular injections.

Retina advantages

Most folks go through life without ever experiencing the problems instigated by retina related diseases but conditions like Diabetic Retinopathy, uveitis etc. can cause permanent blindness if not treated at the right time. The Sight Avenue eye hospital  has a team of retina doctors in India with an unmatched experience to offer the most complex retina surgeries in Delhi in a safe way.


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Retina and UVEA Services in Delhi

Conditions related to the retina are hard to diagnose. At The Sight Avenue Eye Hospital, we have a team of top retina specialists in Delhi who have an experience of over 10000 surgeries treating all kinds of retina related eye conditions. Our technology and wide range of treatment options available helps us provide accessible care to every patient. To know more about retina disorder treatments in Delhi, speak to our specialist today.



People, who for some reason are declared unfit for Lasik Laser, need not fret or worry. There are some other promising alternatives that can successfully slacken the dependency on glasses. Some such options are:

  • PRK
  • Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) Surgery
  • Clear Lens Extraction

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