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What Does Ocular Oncology Mean?

Eye Cancer, as the name suggests refers to the cancer of the eye and its surrounding structures. Ocular Oncologists are highly skilled eye cancer specialists trained to give the best possible treatment options for eye cancer or Ocular Oncology. While lung cancer, brain cancer, or breast cancer are widely known among every household, there has been a substantial unawareness regarding eye cancer. What’s more interesting to note, is that, India leads the chart in eye cancer of children. Even though eye cancer can affect anyone, at any age; its main targets include kids and old-age people.

An early diagnosis can help in fighting against it and treat eye cancer. At The Sight Avenue, we adhere to new technology with protocol-based treatment for our patients.

Parts Affected By Eye Cancer

It can affect any part of the eye, ranging from eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, retina, soft tissues surrounding the eye, optic nerve to orbit. Cancer can also sometimes develop in the tissues surrounding your eyeball or spread to the eye from other parts of the body, such as the lungs or breasts.

We have the best eye cancer doctors in Delhi to help you with any of these eye cancers with their years of expertise.

Signs & Symptoms

Following are some signs and symptoms that can be observed in someone with eye cancer:

  • One eye is bigger or smaller than the other
  • White reflex in the eye
  • Pain in the eye
  • Redness in the eye
  • Flashes of light (floaters)

It can also affect a person’s vision in the following ways:

  • Blurring to loss of vision
  • Double vision
  • Loss of peripheral vision

Among these symptoms, one can also notice a new dark spot in the eye and change in the color of the iris.

These are some symptoms that may indicate eye cancer. But even if you have these symptoms; it does not necessarily mean that you have eye cancer. Most patients in their advanced or late stages of eye cancer might not even experience these symptoms.

Nevertheless, it’s better not to take any risk. In case you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, do not delay your screening. Rest assured, consult us to connect with our eye cancer specialists and help you in your journey to recovery.

Treatment Options:

Cancers are known to be fatal; but with the advancement of technology, eye cancer is not a death sentence anymore. It is very much treatable and can be brought under control. The treatment options available for Eye Cancer, are:


Chemotherapy can be administered via various routes from intravenous, intrathecal, intra-arterial, intravitreal, subconjunctival to topical eye drops depending on the type and size of the eye cancer.


Radiotherapy provides a more modernized and effective approach to eye cancer. It is specifically oriented according to the type and size of the eye cancer.


This can be either diagnostic or curative. Diagnostic surgery helps in diagnosing the type of eye cancer where complete removal is not possible. Whereas curative surgery provides a one-time treatment approach to remove the eye cancer from the body.

Long-Term Follow-Up

Eye cancer is notorious to recur, thereby even if the surgeon has completely removed it from the eye, regular follow-up and check-up is a must to prevent any recurrence of cancer in future.

Where Can You Find Eye Cancer Specialists In Delhi?

If you are still unsure about it or can relate to the symptoms mentioned; you should get your eyes checked immediately.

We, at The Sight Avenue, follow advanced, new protocol-based treatment, defined specifically for each patient in coherence with evidence-based medicine and the latest internationally published literature.

Most, necessarily, we combine this medicine with a much-needed human touch to make sure that the patient understands the disease completely and can live their life normally.

Here we follow a multi-disciplinary approach involving our expert team of Ocular Oncologist (eye cancer specialist), Radiologist, Pathologist, Paediatrician, Anaesthesiologist, Medical Oncologist, Radio-Oncologist, and Neurosurgeon. The department provides a comprehensive, cost-effective approach for diagnosing, counselling and treatment.

Our Goals include:

  • Life Salvage
  • Eye Salvage
  • Vision Salvage

The Sight Avenue is one of the best hospitals with renowned Eye Cancer Specialists in Delhi. Get in touch with us TODAY to start your treatment.