ReLEx SMILE (Small incision lenticule extraction)

ReLEx SMILE (Small incision lenticule extraction)

ReLEx SMILE is a new laser technique for the gentle correction of vision defects. It is a minimally invasive treatment (most convenient and minimum interference to the eye) method with numerous innovative benefits, higher precision levels, and perceptibility with greater comfort, during the treatment itself

Advanced and less invasive daycare procedures to correct the vision. This is one of the commonly performed at Sight Avenue to correct the vision.

Small Incision Lenticule Extraction with SMILE is the newly developed type of laser eye surgery. It’s a very less invasive procedure that can correct two vision impairments such as nearsightedness and astigmatism (cylindrical power)

It’s a popular option, for specs removal among clinics and hospitals of more than 2500 expert surgeons worldwide who use ReLEx SMILE eye surgery. A number of eyes with myopia and/or astigmatism have been corrected with ReLex SMILE surgery in over countries.

How to select a patient for ReLEx smile surgery?

ReLEx Smile surgery Procedure offers freedom from glasses or contact lenses to the patient by correcting refractive errors in the eyes.

Relex smile surgery can be advised after the age of 18 and consistent (stable) power of the eye. Most of the patients are suitable ReLEx SMILE. You have to visit our specialist doctor for a detailed elevation

ReLEx Smile surgery procedure

It is a very safe and commonly perform surgery, steps are listed below-

  • Step 1 : vitals monitoring will be done
  • Step 2 : anesthetic eye drops will be applied
  • Step 3 : The lid will be held open with a tool called a lid speculum
  • Step 4 : Femto Second laser will cut a lenticular (a part of the cornea) on 3rd layer of the cornea i.e., corneal stroma. (Lenticule creation)
  • Step 5 : Femto second laser will give a small incision through which the surgeon manually extracts the lenticule (Lenticule extraction)
  • Step 6 : wash the eye with normal saline (Impairment is corrected)

Can all refractive corrections be corrected through ReLEx SMILE surgery?

RELEX SMILE can correct Myopia and Astigmatism. Only Hypermetropia (Plus Power) and Presbyopia cannot be corrected the ReLEx SMILE eye surgery.

Why ReLEx Smile surgery is different from other laser procedures?

ReLEx SMILE eye surgery is FLAPLESS. No flap means

  • No flap no complications
  • No flap no ectasia (cornea thinning)
  • Less tissue loss more corneal strength
  • No flap cutting so no nerve damage, less dryness

No flap cutting so no nerve damage, less dryness

  • Painless
  • Flapless
  • If there are any complications in LASIK, then 99% of them are due to flap. In ReLex SMILE surgery we don’t have to make any flap, so the flap-related complications are not there
  • One still comes across data stating that corneal flaps never heal.
  • ReLex SMILE eye Surgery is the best suitable surgery for sports personnel because there is no chance of flap displacement
  • Gives high stability in the long term with less chance of glasses coming back.

Is there a need for diet restriction after ReLex Smile Surgery?

No, there is no diet restriction. You can have a normal diet.

Benefits of ReLEx smile surgery

  • Only the femtosecond laser is used in the entire procedure on the other hand when we do LASIK femtosecond laser and examiner laser is used.
  • Furthermore, there is well-known fluency in the periphery of the treatment zone with the excimer laser which induces spherical aberration with femtosecond laser this periphery energy loss is not a factor at all. hence the amount of tissue required per diopter of treatment is smaller than the excimer laser.
  • The total amount of energy laid down into the cornea is much less in comparison to the excimer laser
  • A small incision heals quickly, relatively leading to less patient discomfort to the patient after ReLex SMILE eye surgery.

Precautions After ReLEx SMILE Surgery

  • Avoid smoking and drinking habits
  • Below-neck bathing for 10- 15 days
  • No eye makeup for 2 weeks
  • Avoid stress involved exercises
  • Wear protective glasses for 1 week
  • Do not Splash water directly in your eyes.
  • Avoid Rubbing your eyes.

For further Detailed Discussion, you can visit a doctor or counselors at the sight avenue eye hospital.

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