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8 Tips To Protect Your Eyes During Holi

8 Tips To Protect Your Eyes During Holi

The most vibrant festival is round the corner and you all must be feeling exuberant and joyful about it. We enjoy splashing colors on each other despite knowing the harmful effects on our eyes.

So here are some tips for you to protect your eyes during Holi-

  • 1- Stay away from toxic colors

Synthetic colors which may contain harmful chemicals like- lead and mercury are easily available everywhere.Switch them with herbal/organic gulals. You can also make your own gulal with flowers or natural ingredients such as Haldi.

  • 2- Avoid contact lenses

Do not wear contact lenses while playing with colors as they may get trapped in your contact lenses which can lead to irritation in the eyes or even damage to the cornea. Wear the glasses in place of contact lenses so that your eyes remain protected.

  • 3- Say no to violent Holi

It is often seen that people go violent during this festival. Don’t force anyone to join the festive celebration as any kind of resistance can lead to injuries. They may be not prepared for it and as a result, colors may enter into their eyes.

  • 4- Don’t rub your eyes-

Despite following all the safety precautions if the colors still enter your eyes somehow, do not rub your eyes as your dirty or stained hands can cause more damage to them. So, in such a situation, it is advisable to wash your eyes slowly with a tap or bottled water.

  • 5- Wear Sunglass or protective eyewear

Wear specs or sunglasses while playing with colors as they will act as a shield for your eyes and will give adequate protection from powdered as well as liquid colors. It will let you play with colors without worrying about your eyes.

  • 6- Apply coconut oil around your eyes

A thick layer of coconut oil will act as a barrier for your eyes because it will let the colors slip away even if it is about to enter your eyes either while playing with colors or when removing them from your face.

  • 7- Avoid Self-medication

Self-medication is the biggest mistake people make. In case color enters your eyes do not put any random eye drops or any natural ingredients like honey, milk, oil into it. Just contact your nearest eye surgeon as soon as possible and seek medical help as they are the best people to guide you and treat your eyes.

  • 8- Keep your hair tied

When playing with colors, it is necessary to keep your hair properly tied as the colors may dip from loose hair and possibly enter your eyes causing a burning sensation or irritation.

Follow these tips to keep your eyes absolutely safe from any kind of mishappening. Remember that your eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of your body, hence, it is vital to take extra care while protecting them.

Hope this festival brings happiness for you as well as your loved ones.

We wish you a safe and Happy Holi!

Stay colorful, Stay safe.