6 Helpful Exercises to Enhance Your Eye Muscles

Like other parts of our body, we should keep our eyes healthy. We should get our eyes checked by an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) regularly for any refractive error and any age-related changes. Eye exercise helps to give comfort to our eyes, relieve eye strain, and in recent times has become more important as we use more screen time in our daily routine.

1. Stretching :

Stretching of eye muscles strengthens it. Performing stretching is very easy and can be done while we relax in a chair or during a walk.

Move your eyes up and then down without moving your head. Similarly, look right and then left. Repeat this exercise 10 times daily.

2. Blinking:

Normal blinking of eyes is 10-12 times/ min which is an unconscious effort. But when we work long hours on screen or watch television at a stretch,  we forget blinking.

We should consciously blink our eyes to protect it from dryness. It gives comfort to our eyes.

3. 20-20-20 exercise:

To prevent strain to our eyes when we work continuously on the screen, we should take a break of 20 seconds every 20 minutes by looking at a distance of 20 feet or by keeping our eyes closed for 20 seconds. This exercise has been proven to reduce eye strain,  watering,  dryness, and blurred vision.

4. Convergence:

This is a simple and good exercise to strengthen our eye muscles.

 Sit straight on a chair. Take a pen/ pencil or we can use our thumb. Fully stretch the arm holding the pen in the middle of the two eyes. Focus on the tip of the pen. Slowly bring the eyes close to the face until 10-12 cm distance.  Hold the pen there for a few seconds concentrating on the tip of the pen.  Start again. Repeat 10 times, thrice daily.

5. Focus near and far:

 Focusing on distance and near strengthens our eye muscles and can be a very effective exercise to prevent eye strain.  Focus on your thumb in front of your face at a 30 cm distance. Then switch the focus to a distant object, say, a wall clock at 20 feet distance. Keep switching between near and far for 2 minutes daily.

6. The figure of ‘8’:

This exercise makes our eye muscles more flexible.  Sit/stand in front of a wall at a distance of 10 feet. Imagine a big 8. Rotate your eyes in the shape of 8. Don’t move your head. Repeat for 2 minutes.

These are very simple eye exercises that we should do daily and it also does not hinder our work. These keep our eyes healthy and strain-free. We should take adequate rest also. A sound sleep of 6-8 hours relaxes and refreshes our body including eyes.

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